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As not all our members use Facebook I have recreated below FAQs published by Dovetail Games I hope this helps to answer some of your questions.


What is Dovetail Games Flight School? 
Flight School is a standalone experience designed to teach players the basics of flight simulation in a compelling and accessible way. 


When is Dovetail Games Flight School going to be released? 
Dovetail Games Flight School will be released on 24th May 2016 on Steam. The Windows 10 version will follow later in the year - we’ll have more news to share soon. 


Where can I purchase Dovetail Games Flight School? 
You can purchase Flight School on Steam by clicking on this link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/441920/


Will there be a boxed version of Dovetail Games Flight School? 
Flight School is being released across digital platforms. A boxed version containing a Steam code will be available at select retailers later this summer.   


What are the minimum system requirements to play Dovetail Games Flight School? 
The minimum system requirements for Flight School are as follows: OS: Windows® 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)  Processor: Dual Core, 2.5 GHz  Memory: 4 GB RAM  Graphics: 512Mb - 1Gb(DX11)  Please note: Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required DirectX: Version 11  Network: Broadband Internet connection  Storage: 25 GB available space  


Is Dovetail Games Flight School compatible with DLC for existing simulators? 
No, Flight school is a standalone experience and is not compatible with add-ons or content released for other simulators. 


Does Flight School include VR support? 
No, Flight School does not include VR support. 


Does Flight School support multiple monitors? 
Yes, Flight School supports up to two monitors. 


Can I play Flight School on my laptop? 
While some laptops will play Flight School, performance may be negatively impacted, Please note that laptop chipsets are not official supported. 


Is there an SDK included with Flight School? 
No, Flight School is designed as a standalone experience, and therefore does not include an SDK or modding support.  


What is the PEGI/ESRB rating for Flight School?
Flight School is rated PEGI 3/USK 0 


Are there going to be foreign language versions of Flight School? 
The spoken language in Flight School is English, with English, German and French subtitles.  


How big will the Flight School download be? 
The download size of Flight School is approximately 11GB 


How much free space do I need on my PC to play Flight School?
You need at least 25GB of free space on your hard drive to play Flight School.  


Do I need an internet connection to play Flight School? 
While you need an internet connection to initially download Flight School, you have the option of playing in offline mode once you have fully downloaded the game.  


Does Flight School support Track IR? 
Yes, Track IR is supported in Flight School. 


Will I be able to use my yoke/flight stick/rudder pedals/etc. with Flight School?

es. There is a wide range of peripherals which can be used with Flight School. While we cannot guarantee everything will be compatible, we are working with various hardware companies to provide as much variety as possible

These are the systems we have tested to date and confirmed as working. We will expand this list over time: 
Xbox One controller, Xbox 360 controller, Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X, Saitek X52 Pro, Saitek X52, Saitek X55, Logitech Extreme 3D, MAD CATZ Cyborg Fly 5 Joystick, Mad Catz Cyborg V.1, Saitek Pro flight Yoke system (Yoke, throttle, trim wheel)  


Can I use a custom controller layout? 
Yes, you can. You can configure your peripherals in the settings menu. 


Does Flight School feature multiplayer? 
No, Flight School does not feature multiplayer capabilities.  


Can I play Flight School in offline mode? 
Yes, once you have fully downloaded Flight School, you can run it in Offline Mode. 


Does Flight School work with external multiplayer clients such as VATSIM/IVAO? 
No, Flight School does not feature multiplayer capabilities. 


Does Flight School use FSUIPC? 
Flight School does not utilise FSUIPC.  


What aircraft are included in Flight School? 
There will be two aircraft included In Flight School at launch: the Piper PA-18 Super Cub and the Piper PA-28 Cherokee. A free update which will include a Diamond DA42 will launch later this year.  


How many lessons are in Flight School and what do they cover? 
At launch, there will be 15 lessons covering Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence and Private Pilot’s License curriculum as well as your night flying certification.  Once the Diamond DA42 update is released, you will automatically receive multi-engine training lessons as well.  

Does all of the learning in Flight School take place in-cockpit, or is there a ground school feature? 
Although the lessons in Flight School are based on real world flying lessons it is important to remember our focus is on "compelling and accessible" content. While doing a written exam might be part of the process of learning to fly, in reality making a player spend hours committing pages of text to memory and then completing a written test doesn't make for very compelling gameplay. Therefore, Flight School does not include classroom based learning sections.  


Can I use Flight School for training purposes to become a pilot in real life? 
Although Flight School is an accurate simulation of the experience of learning to fly, it is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not a real-life training tool.  


Will there be DLC for Flight School? 
No, Flight school is designed as a standalone experience, therefore no DLC will be made available.  


Does Flight School include the whole world rather than just specific regions? 
While the lessons and missions in Flight School take place in specific areas, the entire world is accessible in Free Flight mode. 


Can I plan flights in Flight School? 
Yes, you can. There is a flight planner included in Free Flight mode. To learn more about our flight planner, check out our tutorial on Youtube:



Can I change the weather during my flight? What about the time of day?

You can change the weather and time of day in Free Flight mode. These options are pre-set in the lessons and missions in order to create certain gameplay challenges.  


Is Flight School a 64-bit simulator? 
Yes, Flight School is a 64-bit simulator. This allows us to implement more complex and detailed aircraft, scenery, and airports. 


When will I receive the Diamond DA42 update, and do I have to pay for it? 
You will receive the DA42 update later this summer. If you have pre-ordered Flight School, you will get it as soon as it is made available (the ETA for this is June). If you didn’t pre-order, you will receive this update 60 days after those who have pre-ordered. This is a free update for everyone.  


How can I keep updated with the latest news on Flight School? 
To keep up with the latest news on all things Flight School, you can:  · 
Follow us on 
Website: www.dtgflightschool.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dtgflightschool
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dtgflightschool
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/dtgflightschool
Steam Forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/44192...
Subscribe to our mailing list via www.dtgflightschool.com


Is this Dovetail Games Flight Simulator? 
Flight School is not Dovetail Games Flight Simulator. Flight School is a standalone experience designed to teach players the basics of flight simulation in a compelling and accessible way. Dovetail Games Flight Simulator is currently in development and is planned for release later this year.  

Are there any aviation data updates in Flight School that improve on FSX? 
We are committed to providing the most realistic simulated world possible. A large part of this is bringing all of the aviation data including airports, airspace, airways, navigation aids and obstructions up to date.  In Flight School, we have focused on Western Europe and the areas around Ashe County and Prescott in the USA, but we have a team working to bring the whole world up to date as quickly as possible for Dovetail Games Flight Simulator. You can expect most of North America to be complete by the autumn, with more to follow.  

I’ve preloaded Flight School but it seems to be taking a long time to now get into the game – why is that? 
If you have downloaded Flight School, you have an encrypted, packaged file. On launch day, that file will download a small update to become active, and then it will unpack. This unpacking can take between a few minutes and a couple of hours depending on the power and performance of your PC.  During this process Steam will display an “unpacking” notification in your Games Library next to Flight School, and an estimate of how long it will take to complete. Once that’s done you can get started!       



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