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To start with.. My english in writing can be a little odd so please have that in mind

when reading.

Now the question... 


I fly smaller helicopters like the R44, R66 and Guimbal Cabri G2 IRL and use my

Flightsimulator as a workingtool to keep my flyingskills during periods "on ground". 

Problem is that the choppers in the simulator doesn´t always react as in the real 

world. As an example...

When your engine/turbine shuts down and you go in to an autorotation the real

helicopter allmost emidiatly demands you to push the yawpedal ( witch one depends 

on model of aircraft ) almost all the way to the floor otherwise the machine will start

spinning round its own axel. 

When you shut down the engine/turbine in the simulator nothing change! You still  

have your yawpedals neutral and can manouver just as nothing happend. You do 

sink but yaw reaction isn´t even close to reality. 


Is there any addon that makes a helicopter react more like IRL when it comes

to issues like this in P3D ver3.2 ?? 


My setup is as follow : 

* P3D v3.2 

* Pro Flight Evolution Black Lynx  Control ( with modified pedals, real ones like there new PUMA ) 


* Flight Club R44  ( a FSX-product that after some modification of the .CFG- and Sound-file works just as well in P3D as it did in FSX )

* Alabeo R66

* Default R22 in P3D.


I do have some scenery and weather addons but the listed above soft- and hardware are

the ones that I thought of when it comes to control the helicopter. Everything in settings is

set so behavior of the machine should be as close to reality as possible. 


Glad to get an answer on this since I actually use my gear as a training device and not 

just a console for gaming. 


/ Regards 


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The FSX helicopter physics is a known problem and your only real choice for an improved model is the Dodosim Bell 206 which can be found here.


I don't have it but it is my understanding that X-Plane 10 has a bit better helicopter flight dynamics. 

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Thank you Brett for a quick answer. 


I'll take a look on Dodsims Bell 206. Still 2 issues though... It's an FSX addon 

and the helicopters I wanted better behavior for were the Robinson choppers 

since those are what I fly IRL.


Testing X-plane is not an option since I only fly in Sweden and I use a very

nice scenery addon called "Sweden Design", a scenery over all of the south

of Sweden up to Gothenborg/Norrköping. It's handmade square by square,

with all the cities and landmarks you can think of and, of course, all the airports

in this area. It's all made by one man, Lennart Arvidsson and... It's free !! 

It's made for FSX and P3D only so X-plane is out of the question. 

I know I sound like a spoiled child who won't listened to outhers advise 

but this scenery is actually as good as I can fly without an GPS, just look on the 

ground and recognice were I am knowing I've been there flying IRL. That's why 

I won't leave P3D. That's also a big part of skillstraining to fly the helicopter and 

actually knowing were you are during long flights.


I was hoping to find an addon for P3D like "Helicopter Real Behavior" found on the 

Hovercontrol homesite but this has only releases for FSX versions. 


Thanks anyway. 

/ Helisimpilot

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Have you tried installing it? Others probably can give you more info on how to do it but I think if you make a fake blank fsx.exe file and place it into your P3D folder it might work.

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Will try that. Was the same thing when I installed Just Flights R44 but that was just an aircraft, now we talking about an addon that will change how the aircrafts will behave inside a simulator with code that's not written for it, 

Well well... A backup of my HD as it is now, install Helicopter Real Behavior and test it. The worst thing that could happend is that I have to reinstall my backup if everything crash. 

Thanks for your help. 

/ Helisimpilot

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