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I thought I’d post few preview shoots from our upcoming Black Marble project,
we bring you all new, accurate, and most recent, worldwide navigation level road network data,
rendered into Sim native architecture, worldwide coverage of fresh and up to date road network (including traffic),

accompanied with our new and most advanced lighting system we recently developed,
(more info, pics and general discussion http://forums.nightenvironment.com/topic/207-black-marble)


without further ado...let it be light :)


New York City




Miami (KMIA)




Los Angeles (KLAX)




Paris (LFPG)


charles de gaulle.jpg


London (EGLL)




Frankfurt (EDDF)

















Los Angeles area top view








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Thank you very much guys :)

indeed this is one huge project to cover;

it has been quite some time under the radar in the making; and is finally taking its final shape these days,

our Team did (still) an amazing job on this project achieving every one of our goals, and then some!

the above pics should speak for themselves,


(there are no alteration or any edits; aside for converting from native sim captured bmp extension to jpg,)


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Thank you John :)

does that man we will get to see you take on night flights soon?



Thank you Brett; we are very happy (ecstatic to be exacts) with results so far,



Thank you Geoffrey :) 

(typo fixed ;))


John you should be all over this one ;)

see if you can spot something different in this shoot (hint... bridge textures are internationally glowing :) )


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I can see the American Airlines Arena in Miami.  


Don't know why the bridges should be glowing unless there's been an event at the Turkey Point plant that I haven't heard about.



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close :)

they are glowing there because its easier to spot (while developing) parts of the physical bridge from flat roads,

normally we're used to see flat style intersection with no bridges elevated or levels connecting   ;)



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  • 1 month later...

I'm a courier in the area...I have uncanny Road Timing. :P


And no, not a challenge...was sure you'd get round to it eventually if not already.


Cheers. It's a great looking project that will save many ai Traffic lives.

Now, if you want a Road Challenge...can you make all the tunnels Navigable? I'd love to fly my BD5-J through the Treasure Island and Caldicot Tunnels.


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we can surly render all tunnels including entrances and all fine details (worldwide!)

this topic did come up internally; the decision was to not render tunnels with Black Marble project,

with that we will render tunnels with another unrelated project we are working on, for Black marble we saw no value including tunnels,


as for MAM... this is what we got :th_blush:



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