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I am having an issue which is probably just me being a bit dumb today or cant see something obvious.


Usually if I fly following GPS and have it linked to the AP I can go onto the GPS.. tap proc and then load and eventually activate an approach. Howevwr on this one when I bring the proc screen up I cant move the cursor down to the type of approach..ILS etc or the vector/waypoint bit..so I never actually get to the load/activate question. 


I imagine its something very simple.. currently trying some AC I dont use very often...





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Ok so I found the 33 page instructions.. set it up but sadly it didnt follow the approach.. did a hand flown approach ok.. I think this one needs settings down like my A320 as it was stuttering a bit.. too much going on down on earth.. tis a great one to fly though...when it got to the point where it should have gone left as planned it just started circling... very weird...

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Thanks Brett..couldnt follow link but found a guy on utube talking prodigy basics.. quick flight from EGGD TO EGHI and all went well...

Get so taken up with the new aircraft available I am sometimes surprised by whats in my hangar already...

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Glad things are working for you.:) 


I fixed the link to his video home page, just go to the beginning of his Phenom flights. He talks a lot but is an actual pilot so you can glean a few good tips on real procedures. 

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