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Unsigned Saitek 64-bit Drivers

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I am trying to load 64-bit drivers for my Saitek X55 throttle and stick and I have hit a big problem.


The drivers for these two devices are not signed, so Win 7 Pro 64-bit will not use them. Other Saitek drivers are just fine its only the X55 ones that have a problem and this renders my throttle and stick unusable.  I have tried to use the 32-bit drivers but saitek's install program is not allowing me to install them on the 64-bit platform.


Has anyone else had this issue? Its a real pain in the proverbial. I have found a way to load them but it is not very elegant and involves putting windows into a test mode to enable the drivers to load.If I want to use my throttle and stick then I have to run in test mode, with text in the lower right hand corner telling me that I am in said mode.




Edit.  I have opened a ticket with Saitek to see if they can resolve this issue.

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I'm wondering if you even need them. Take this with a bit of caution because I was not trying to setup the identical stick.


I had fits trying to set up the X-52 stick and throttle arrangement in my 64bit Win7 computer. After days of hair-pulling, I read somewhere that I should get rid of any and all Saitek drivers and all references to them. Then setup the joystick using the native win7 joystick software.


Another caution; we're now talking about the infamous "Registry". I'm afraid I'm a long way from my desk (in time and space) so cannot be more specific. Start with a query on AVSIM. As I recall, that's where I found the answers.


Later on, I switched to 100% (paid) FSUIPC tuning of the joystick(s) and I've been much happier with that route.

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Thanks guys for your help.


I am waiting for Saitek to get back to me on the ticket I submitted and I want to see what they have to say. I have to say the it seems pointless creating a driver if your customers cant use it.  I also use a Saitek Pro Flight three leaver throttle quadrant and some other saitek stuff all of which install their drivers with no problem at all, I guess they are all signed.


To be honest I am not hopeful that there will be a satisfactory outcome with this issue.The interweb is full of folks having the same issue as me, there must be literally hundreds of them if not more. I am sure that a large number of them have contacted Saitek as the stick is a few years old now and yet nothing has been done.


I will see what they say and keep this thread updated as and when.


@Quickmarch.  The stick has two software download that come with it; the driver software and the configuration and management software.  The latter can be replaced by FSUIPC licenced but to get anything to see the stick you do need a driver as far as I can see. With no driver there is no recognition of the stick anywhere sadly.

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Sorry, if I'm leading you down the garden path here. I'm internet-challenged for the next few days - spotty reception or I'd try to find the info that I used to fix the X52. Heck, maybe the X-55 is different enough that that solution won't work, but I find that hard to believe. I'm willing to bet that the differences between joysticks are in the hardware, not in how Win7 handles the interface.


I thought that Windoze came with a native set of drivers that allowed use of a joystick/gamepad/etc. Did you do any research on AVSIM - I'm pretty sure that's where I got the info to cure my problem?

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I have yet to look at AVSIM but will do ASAP.  Earlier Saitek devices seem to install  their drivers well and, for example I have a Saitek throttle quadrant that is just fine, I have other Saitek devices that are all older than the X55 and they are all OK.  It seems to be limited to the X55. 


I have, in a previous FS setup, installed the X55 drivers successfully into a Windows 32-bit environment.


So far the Saitek support have given me instructions on how to install the drivers manually. It is very complicated and drawn out process.  I have yet to give this method a try.

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From my experience you will grow old, grey and go nutz in the head before Mad Katz do anything !


I had a desk full of Saitek which worked fine until one day I had a rush to the head and bought an extra component.  Big mistake.

When I had to download for it,  nearly everything else went tits-up.  Struggled on and off for a week.  In the end I decided that I would approach it professionally;   dampen my towering rage and plan it the same way I would any job.   I worked out how much of my time in dollars I would spend and then set out on Google to find a genius.  I had decided to spend 2 x 8 hour days and I did that without resorting to alcohol.   There are loads of people out there with Saitek Driver problems. Nothing from Mad Katz of course.


In the end I unbolted the whole lot;   and by a fine coincidence there was a builders skip (dumpster) in my yard and in they went.  Lock, stock and barrel !


I started again with a different combination of manufactures  .   Expensive yes.   Compared to resulting counselling and therapy;  very cheap.  Now I know there will be plenty of people who swear by Saitek.   I would give up siming entirely before I wasted money on a single screw of their products.    See?  The rage still simmers !


Good luck to you anyway.   Rick

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