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On some parts of the world map, like Africa, when I get to zoom level 7 I have tiles with a message saying :


Map Quest "As of July 11, 2016, direct tile access has been discontinued"


I just switch to Open Street Map, but was wondering what was going on ? Do we need to do something with Map Quest ?

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I believe MQ has gone subscription only and you now have to pay for the privilege, or soon will.  Fortunately, Tim already built in the other options and it's just a radio button to select OSM.



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Pretty much what it says: they've pulled their free tile server in favour of the almighty buck. And of course the warning notice was prominently displayed in the back of a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying, 'Beware of the leopard'.


I'm looking into their new API to see if it'll work something like MapBox (i.e. if you want to subscribe you can, but it's on your own dollar). I'm also looking at Thunderforest, which may be an alternative.


But as we've learned so many times before, free lunches don't last forever. For now it's OSM or Open Cycle Map.

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