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Don't know the company myself but FSXSE is just FSX so I would think so. If they do not send you an installer for FSX SE you might have to manually install it because the paths to the scenery CFG file are different. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\Scenery.cfg vs C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE\Scenery.cfg that's about all I know about it.

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Welcome to the Hangar sir.


FWIW...Save yourself some headache and try to contact the manufacturer to answer your questions as well as asking on forums...if you can't contact them...you don't want it as they will not be available for any customer support issues. If you can, they can advise you how to install/if you can install better than anyone.


If a Mutley's Crew Member hasn't heard of the manufacturer, they are probably a not very common developer, and you might want to do some Pre-leg work to avoid running around in circles later on. Note that sometime the smaller devs give the best service, because they are trying hard...so, we will be interested to hear how you make out with this.


Let us know how you get on...and Piccies please when/if you get the product working.


Cheers :)


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