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Been flying the QW 757 for a short while now, everything seems to be going ok, different bowl of rice compared to the Bus...anyhow back on track here, I was flying from Edinburgh to Billund, whole flight had gone well. I even learnt how to get ATC to accept my PFPX flightplan as an IFR plan, sorry I keep wandering....(does that word look right? one of them brain days today...)...so I have captured the LOC, just got the Glideslope and pressed APR, all going swimmingly when suddenly someone buts in with GLIDESLOPE...GLIDESLOPE....nightmare, yeah I get the message, I can see I am coming down about 200m short of the threshold....plan...disenage AP and hand fly, strangely I could not disengage, I tried pressing the 3 buttons on the MCP but nowt happened, I left clicked I right clicked, I even swore at them but the blighters would not disengage....now am I doing it wrong? is there a button to disengage hiding? or was it because the AUTOLAND bit had lit up? surely I still need to be able to take control....anyway if you have any clue please let me know....


Oh and also PFPX does all my weights in KG and FSX planner uses pounds...anyone know the math I need to do so I get the correct wieghts in the FP?


I was at flaps 25 at 145kts as per the FMC instruction, so with me not converting weights correctly that may be why I sunk below GS... but my big issue is why I could not disengage AP.....HELP!!!!!!!:wacko2::wacko2:  Thank you .....

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10 hours ago, hifly said:

Wayne, I might be wrong but IIRC there is a grey button beneath the AP Engage buttons. I'll have a look tomorrow evening, I'm off to me bed now.

Ahhh yes, you mean that big button with the word 'DISENGAGE' above it, thenkyou, I promise to open my eyes next time.......


14 hours ago, J G said:

Can't help you with the auto land but there are about 2.2 Lbs in a kilo.

thankyou JG, that may help regarding my sinking feeling....

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ok, I have now looked and the QW Livery manager, which is also the loader and is in ILBS, I have changed this AC setting in PFPX to also be in ILBS, this matches P3D fuel and load planner. So I guess I do the full FP in PFPX and save, load up the QW Livery and set the load in that, fire up P3D load my saved PFPX FP and check setting in fuel and load planner, adjust if need be....

I read that even though FMC says 145kts it may be a good idea to be at 160kts to avoid sink or stall, and I am assuming that as I was not converting KG-ILBS or vice-versa I was probably carrying more than FMC thought so the Vspeeds and flaps settings may have been in correct, all theoretical but sounds true in my head...what do you guys reckon?...

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Maybe you'v got one of these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_Honeywell_Uninterruptible_Autopilot :whis:


Another thought on disengaging the A/P: Pressing the "Z" key toggles autopilot in FSX, likely does the same thing for P3D. I don't fly the QW 757, or any 757 for that matter. The "Z" key works for my PMDG 737NG.


Try maintaining at least 5% (runway length permitting) greater speed on your approach and see if that cures the GS excursions.

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John I had never heard of ine of those.. sounds a bit sophisticated .. how would u retake control...yeah I think keeping just a bit quicker and converting the weights will help..thanks...

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3 hours ago, wain said:

John I had never heard of one of those.. sounds a bit sophisticated .. how would u retake control...


That was the whole idea - you can't take back control. Sorry, I was being facetious. In your case, it's quite obvious that you were having difficulty taking control away from the AP. 


From the Wiki article: Quote: " According to Bob Mann, of R.W. Mann & Co., a New York-based airline industry and consulting firm, there is no evidence that the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot has ever been used in a commercial airliner.[11] Safety concerns, including the possibility that such a system could be hacked, have prevented its roll-out. [12] " UnQuote

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