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help with fsx and world of ai

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i have started to put woai on to fsx and when i introduced the first package i got the message shown below is it because i am using a 64 bit system with vista. i have also got .net 3.5 with sp1 not the .net2 because i know this is not compatible withe a 64 system

grab_000.jpg :mrhappy: :???:

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when you start the installer it has load into 2004 i press that and load into fsx i then leave everything as it is and install thats when i get the message it bugging me i think it the 64 bit my brother has the same vista but in the 32 bit and his works fine

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:mrhappy: Andrew, 64 bit could be the root of your problem.

I had 64 bit Vista for a while and there were too many incompatibility issues I finally reverted back to XP Pro. I Understand the 32 bit Vista suffers fewer problems and is a better choice in the short term.


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