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power surge warning

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Hi class..little help please...been geeting my motherboard shutting my down and restarting today.. says power surge issue..happens randomly.. using p3d motogp or looking at files... all connections and updates are fine.. 2 surge protecters from wall sockets...looked at event viewer and previous to shut downs I have this


Firmware has changed MTTRS to S4.. may cause problems on resume..


Do you think 2 items could be related?..


No heat issues in general or  PU GPU related..




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It could be the PSU, which might explain the surge warnings and then the shut down, restart issue. In some instances, the motherboard can also cause problems like this. 


Take it to your nearest reputable PC repair shop, they will be able to confirm the problem.

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cheers Andrew, could be one of those small but really annoying things, however a clue maybe that is only seems to be happening when I am using PC for flying or any gaming.....hope its not a gpu issue......

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The weather has been quite warm of late.  Check you PC has plenty of room for air circulation around it and that there is nothing occluding the case air circulating into and out of the case. Make sure that the case is clean and remove any dust as this can block cooling air and sometimes act as a nice warm duvet for your processor which will dutifully go to sleep. 


Only the other day I had a PC shutdown on me.  At first it was every 20 mins or so but as the day wore on the time to close down shortened quickly.  I found a sheet of paper had slid down the side of the case and was partially blocking the fan venting. I removed the paper and the PC is just fine.


With respect to the error message I have found....



Hi, I discovered the cause of my problem [same as yours] - Intel Rapid Start Technology (IRST).


Basically there is a hidden hibernation partition (different to hiberfil.sys) used by IRST.


The IRST is set to activate by default (on my system) after 120 minutes.


So after 2 hours of sleeping, drive activity would commence and the active user session in RAM would be written to the Hibernation Partition (8GB in my case).


The problem came during resume, when pressing the power button, it failed to restore the session from the SSD to the RAM, and I got a failed boot.


A second press cold booted the system to a fresh desktop with any unsaved work lost.


A workaround in my case was to disable IRST either in the bios or in the systray utility.


Ultimately the solution was a new motherboard, which was put in by Dell yesterday.


Sleep / IRST & Hibernate all work fine now.


Interestingly hiberfil.sys (6.6GB) is ONLY used for booting in this setup:


Sleep - RAM

Extended Sleep (IRST) - hibernation partition

Re-boot - is now (under windows 8 with 'fast startup' enabled) effectively a 'cold boot' ie read from disk

Shut down / PowerOn - is now effectively a 'warm boot' as it reads from hiberfil.sys


So there is some disk redundancy with the 2 systems (IRST and 'Windows Hibernate'), you could effectively utililize just one system with little difference in performance.


To be honest I am hard pressed to measure any difference in speed between any of the following:

  1. a hiberfil.sys assisted boot
  2. a IRST 'resume'
  3. a Windows Hibernate resume

All of these are getting my system to a login prompt in about 6 secs from power button press.


At the moment I have all of them enabled, but may change to reclaim disk space.


Not sure most of that was relevant to you!


G :)



 Couple of other points:


S0 = on

S1, S2, S3 are various forms of sleep, depending on manufacturer, generally RAM is powered all else is off.

S4 is hibernate or IRST

S5 is off / shut down


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Cheers JG.. over in Cork at the moment but have thoroughly stripped down and cleaned everything.. did a test flight last thursday for nearly 2 hours and all was fine so fingers crossed...

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just a quick update....

checked all connections, got a tester and checked readings from PSU, all ok, 1 lead (pci-e) was fluctuating up and down and Power surge is a high or low power reading...I have replaced that and thoroughly cleaned everything...cooling is fine plenty of fans and water cooling....

3 test flights, 2 x 2hours and 1 times 5 hours all ok....

3 hour test on ETS2 again all ok, so hopefully it was the cable....

thanks for the input and touchwood all goes well now....

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Nice job troubleshooting.

Reminds me of USAF Instrument days...any time a problem was "Intermittent" it was 95% likely caused by a faulty/slightly shorted wire in a harness somewhere...often under a wire bundle clamp...and they often took at least 4 days to track down.

(Because the definition of Intermittent is "only occurs when a tech is not nearby")

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