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Just Flight TriStar Professional

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I read an article about Just Flight TriStar Professional and I bought it yesterday. I´m flying with FMC and the manual only explains the flight with INS.

I have some difficulties to engage the autopilot and landing by instruments (Autoland).

Anyone is flying this model? This FMC is easy and I flied with the correct navigation plan (RTE) but the autopilot appears any malfunction (only one tab became UP).

I didn´t find a tutorial in FMC mode, too.


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I would suggest doing a YouTube search on flying the Just Flight TriStar. Just Flight and/or other flight simmers produce tutorial videos on flying the aircraft and possibly on how to use the FMC, which supplement any information contained in the manual.


I have done a quick search on YouTube by just using "Just Flight Tristar" as the broad search criteria and it has returned numerous videos and tutorials.


Good luck.




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