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How to flight plan properly?

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Hey all,


I been flying the PMDG 777 for a few months now, started flying long haul. I am planning on flying the 777 from London's Heathrow to Hong kong. I want to make flight as professional as possible. I use simbrief to flight plan, and I have ASN which I take a look at before I load flight sim.


Now how should I flight plan properly? I guess what I am saying is should I take a couple of hours to flight plan do I study my route, do I read the full flight plan document? I want to feel like I am fully briefed and aware on what I am embarking on, as for long flights there is weather and ETOPS ( Usually not always ) to take into account. 


Can anyone give an Idea of your flight planning process ( similar as to what a real long haul crew would do? ) maybe a step by step thing with a timeline..?


Thanks in advance



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If you want to be that serious about flight planning, and flying something as advanced as PMDG aircraft, you need to seriously consider Aerosoft's PFPX. A review is available on the following link.



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I don't believe the link I gave you above had the correct Library Download link included in the post, it might have been broken when the new site changed last time and I will try and fix. Try this link instead http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/files/category/15-commercial-sim-pilots-centre/ and check out the download "Pragmatic Planning - get your airline flight right.pdf" which will give you a good idea about how Bruce does it and what he will do when planning for the flight, along with all the other downloads he recommends.






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No problem, anymore questions please let us know. :)


I checked out SimBrief and it looks fairly good and it has also been upgraded from the last time I looked and the best part is that it is free. Does it also supply charts because it helps me to give them a good lookover before the flight and it does take time to look them all up manually.


Edit: I see it doesn't but you can always get a Navigraph subscription if you fly a lot of different routes.



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