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maiden flight IXEG 737

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Got this one a while back but I have been too busy to really get to grips with it, and there is also a rather large amount of reading. Anyway took it out today, EGGD  -  EDDL, using Symaxx Pro v3, MAXX FX and Ventura Sky with weather downloads using NOAA......flight was very good, had 2 issues though.

1st couldnt engage VNAV until we finally got into the cruise....probably me.

2nd FMS was not slowing the AC down so I used MCP Speed knob with AT, it may have been going ok and I just bottled it...

Seems more work flying the 737 compared to the A320 but that may well be because I am still learning....

pushback at EGGD


all lined up ready to go, I hate XP grass....


turning away from the airport....


25 minutes and we are up at FL240....


in Germany now and the weather is changing....


getting ready for our landing...


Dusseldorf below, airport dead ahead...currywurst und pommes bitte....


spot on, great first flight, really enjoyed it.....


thanks for viewing....

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