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Active Sky 2016 - Is it worth the upgrade?

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Who knows, Wayne? There could be better drivers around now. It's easy to go to the manufacturer's website and download a new set.   There's a mess of stuff that needs to be addressed to get

Hi John,   There is a trial key available which is the full version valid for 7 days. http://hifisimtech.com/as16-fsx-trial/   As much as we can rant and rave, or dismiss the produ

Thanks guys for the precious info, I was looking for some good advice and found it here. Just got AS16 (upgrade from ASN) without ASCA, I'll be using REX for textures.

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I didn't realise that AS16 is not put out by REX - maybe I should have Googled it, eh?. The link you sent took me to the dev's website and their reseller(s) like JF want $60 for the P3D version. As I already have REX Essentials + O/D, I felt this was a bit too steep just to have decent RW Wx at altitude. Remember, I was going in to this to use it with the PMDG 777 which I still have not purchased.

You're right - the REX part of the equation is a smokin' deal.

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Hi Bob, I use it for both, have a look through the screenshots page a lot of us on here have posted GA shots using Active sky, I think it works well with both types of flight....

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