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GSX Boarding Time Query

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Hello everyone!


Could someone answer me a quick question regarding GSX whilst I don't have access to the manual,


Is there a way you can either set a specific time for boarding (e.g. an exact 30 minutes) or have an indefinite time that can be ended as soon as needed by the player? All this is in aid of getting accurate departure times so that my weather predictions are accurate.


Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I wasn't exactly sure where to post this.


Thanks again everyone.

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You can adjust those timings to your liking with the GSX - Settings -> Timings page. It only controls the timing of boarding/de-boarding, where you hear the recordings, as far as I know, the boarding/de-boarding of luggage will not change. Same as for refueling, what's being controlled is the duration of the pause after the FSX fuel loading page appears, which depends on the fuel quantity loaded. There's no settings for catering because that uses animations. I don't have this product but this is what I have heard and I could be wrong.:) 

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