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Hi guys,


I stupidly bought a few addons last month for my P3Dv3 without checking that they actually work within v3. I've got scenery issues with Skiathos, Barcelona and Amsterdam sceneries - for which I'll post for help in the relevant forums. This post is about the Quality Wings 757. When purchased it said it would work on P3D but didn't specify which version. After installing it into P3Dv3 I can't get any of the FMC functions at all. I'm just left at a blank ident page. Obviously with this being the case (and bearing in mind this isn't the 60s so VOR/NDB tracking isn't ideal) I haven't actually managed a full flight on it yet, instead limited to circuits at some random field. Does anybody know a fix for this, or any tips on where I might be able to get to the bottom of this? I can post screenshots if required. Many thanks in advance!

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Thanks Mutley, just tried the new installer - restored some functionality of the FMC at least, but now I get complete aileron deflection at random points. Think it might be time to go back to the Aerosoft bus!

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All solved now! Looking on youtube it seems there was a font missing with Windows 10 which Windows 7 had enabling the FMC to work properly. All I got was black screens and now I understand why! For future reference should anybody else have this issue - download the 'latha' font, extract it to desktop/documents as you please, right click and hit install. Solved my issues, hope it solves any one elses as well!

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