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Beginnings of a custom watermasked uk photoscenery (Lands End)

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Large downloads, frozen waves and blurry textures and even adding autogen it leaves me disappointed and would still not turn me into a PS fan but I'm sure this will give the PS fans a boost. Thanks for the video and look at what's new in Photo Scenery.:)

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Each to their own of course :)

this is just my little piece of learning for sanity, if anyone else ever uses it thats great - if not thats great too!


I just like finding out how to do cool new stuff :) And i've promised my eldest dau I'll teach her how to fly.. as I sit here with her sister asleep in my arms I'm working out what I'm going to progress next on the scenery front :)


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beautiful work Kevin, you've come a long way!


my :twocents:

you can add wave effect to your coast line; this will make the foam area and fade more natural,

also don't come out all the way to the coastline; you should align 3-4m inward right behind where the foam line starts

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