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Some Comments on the Design and Weather for MEBAR Flight Leg 2

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The MEBAR is designed to be challenging in various ways. You will soon discover that the weather is quite challenging on some of the Flight Legs for this year. I attempt to make the weather scenarios as realistic as possible for the location and time of the year and use historical data extensively for this.


This year, Flight Leg 2 probably has the most challenging weather and you may find the cloud base is below the surrounding mountains around the two airports at which you have to conduct the "touch and goes". So, let me provide an explanation to the weather scenario for Flight Leg 2.


Fundamentally, and as happens in the real world, Flight Leg 2 is designed to simulate the weather unexpectedly and suddenly deteriorating whilst en route. This is not uncommon when flying in mountainous regions such as encountered on this route. The extra challenge (and somewhat unrealistic - this is flight simming after all) is the requirement to conduct the "touch and goes" remains.


I suggest you undertake some extra detailed flight planning for Flight Leg 2. You will find there are a number of valleys in which you could descend into below the cloud base and fly the valleys to the airports, should the need arise. This may involve changes to your route in flight and the obvious necessary adjustments to speed to get as close as possible to your Target Time for the Flight Leg.


Oh, and just to add to your dramas, this is one of the "blind" Target Time Flight Legs.


Good luck and enjoy.






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