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VFR GenX Scenery - but no trees now :(

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Hi Guys,


Im in the process of doing a PPL. and when I started I got flight simulator set-up and invested a bunch of money into getting a good set-up for VFR flying. This didn't last to long as I didn't want Virtual reality to overlap reality to much and kicked it into touch until I was further along in my PPL.  Ive Obviously reformatted/upgraded to Windows 10 etc since also.


However im now trying to get my set-up working again as im coming to the final stretch of my PPL and can start to use FS/flight sims to practice things now as I know what im doing..... and a major disappointment is that I had previously bought the VFR Horizon GenX Scenery (which has been a bitch to install again) and the treescapes add-on by Earth Simulations....unfortunately ES has gone bust and they had a stupid anti piracy set-up to which makes their discs unusable.....yes i am feeling a touch annoyed by this......it also means my GenZ scenery is very very flat....not the end of the world but id far rather have some trees......or anything really.....especially since I also have the nicely detailed UK2000 airport packs.


Im way out the loop and been trying to figure out the best move but are there any alternatives to Treescapes that is compatible with VFR GenX Scenery? 


Kind Regards,



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Hi John and welcome to the forums here. :hat:


ES closed down and only made available installs for a short time afterwards and yes that sucks. I too made the scenery route through ORBX/FTX with Global, Vectors, Mesh, Regions and openLC, though expensive in the long run(they have many sales around holidays) I am glad I did. Global and Vectors should get you started nicely and they have many freeware airports available. Good luck in setting up your rig, attaining your PPL and getting into the skies again.:)


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