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Please see confirmation of your Pilot ID Below


Pilot ID Name Screen Name Country
ATWC001 Joe Lawford  mutley UK 
ATWC002 Brian Buckley Needles UK
ATWC003 Rosario Manzo rosariomanzo Italy
ATWC004 Matt Gardner Captain Coffee USA
ATWC005 Kieran Marshall Hurricanemk1c Eire
ATWC006 John Guest J G UK
ATWC007 Tim Arnot Tim_A UK
ATWC008 BeeJay Bristow-Stagg OzWookiee Australia
ATWC009 Mike Frank Goblin USA
ATWC010 Steph Sawyer hlminx UK
ATWC011 David Moran Lucent UK
ATWC012 John Lawler JohnL UK
ATWC013 Andrew Godden Andrew Godden Australia
ATWC040 Mikael Stockfors stu7708 Sweden
ATWC666 Jessica Bannister-Pearce  jess-b The Dark Side


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5 hours ago, cconesa said:

Hi, how do I go about registering to fly on th challenge?.


Christian C.


On the Forum Home Page, just above the various Forum sections, there is a LARGE ATWC banner with the words, "Click Here", in the top left corner.


If you click on it, it will take you to all the necessary information regarding the ATWC, including links at the bottom to the "Intro". In the "Intro" it explains clearly how simple it is to register.


Just in case you still can't find it, click on this link, 


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2 hours ago, hlminx said:

anyone got an img of the baton that  i can paste?

i don't have fancy pants software so its Paint or nowt


I haven’t got the software either, but whoa, do I have some fancy pants. :D

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