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Dear All,


In order to make our reviews finder more user friendly, I have added two filterable and sortable columns, (Product) Type and Score. This allows you to choose a product type, say, GA Aircraft and then sort by score.


Screen Shot 05-09-17 at 02.25 PM.JPG 

Please note, this table uses quite old coding, and as such isn't responsive to mobile devices, and cannot be converted. However, I am looking for a suitable replacement but so far I have been unsuccessful finding a plugin which offers as much flexibility.


If you would like a bookmark for your browser to go direct to this table then please use this link: http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews.htm#Table


Cheers... Joe:hat:

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Cool beans.:cool: I like the addition of the sim Type column the most for easy reference.:thum: To me filtering by score could be a mistake, you could end up passing by a great aircraft just because the manual sucked or had a slight modeling error but if you see a "5" it could definitely help you out.^_^

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