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Airbus 330 addon payware

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Hi Carl. The A330 is really underdeveloped for fsx. Currently there are three I can think of, two of which are a bit long in the tooth. 

The first two are the Wilco A330 found in their evolution Airbus vol 2 pack. It models the original A330 EIS 1 Model, so somewhere around the late 90's early 2000's. It's old and showing it's age, plus, it's a wilco product, to use at your own risk. 


Just flight have their own A330 as part of their F-Lite range. It's a step up from default aircraft but no where near the Aerosoft A320 for example. 


The most modern A330 available is by Blackbox simulation. It's currently still in beta but you can buy it as an 'early access' if you wish. Truthfully it's not that great and it's been in beta for around two years iirc. Again use at your own risk as reviews have not been favourable. 


The only ray of hope on the horizon is the Aerosoft A330. No idea of when it's due other than this year hopefully. It'll likely be the best A330 for fsx when it does arrive. 


Hope this helps. 


Jess B

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