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PNW/PFJ + Tongass Tour 2017

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Stage 4  From Khutze River Lodge to Kowesas River Lodge   Part 2


From the main fjord we turn right to fly along the Gardner Canal, one of the most beautiful places around...






Not always going straight...




Until I find the entry to Chief Mathews Bay at the end of which hides the Kowesas River Lodge




Again careful with the boats...





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Hi all !   After I had to drop out of the second part of my Australia tour last winter due to lack of time, I'm back in the air...   With the return of beautiful days, I decided I

Stage 2 - Bella Coola to Bella Bella - Part 2   Soon after taking off from Kimsquit River, we fly again by Dean River :     After the cruise ships, I also find freighters

Nice set Loic. That last pic is almost real world quality. 

Yes I always fly real time and real weather.  If the weather is too bad for flying, I go boating... :)


Or like in my Australia tour when I cannot fly real time, I load the historical weather at the time of the flight.


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Stage 4  From Khutze River Lodge to Kowesas River Lodge   Part 3


Soft touchdown on the calm waters of the Chief Mathews Bay ...




As I taxi to my destination, I float by a group of killer whales fishing with many sea birds above them ...




Going up the river I float past the end of the small dirt strip.




And here I am at the Kowesas River Lodge pontoon, with a warm welcome for the weekend !




A real picture of the place :



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Love the pics Loic!  YOu should consider doing a leg in ATWC7.. you have a gift for getting some great shots.

I've been a fan of Misty Moorings for several years but have yeat to install them on this rig..

Having been inspired by your travels, i will definitely be hooking out the files from my 'archive's and reinstalling.


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