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Joystick/Throttle/ Rudder advice

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Hi to one and all advice on Joystick/Throttle/ Rudder please 
At the moment I am using
Saitek X52Pro which has not had a lot of use
Do I buy a set of Rudders and link them to the X52Pro recommend please
Or buy a new a joystick /throttle/ rudder control SET recommend please 
Can anyone Recommend brand please 
I have been a PC flight Simer for many years but not experienced
I think one reason is I have not used rudder pedals before and reading a lot of people say they are well worth it

 I now am going to put that right 
Thank you in advance 
Kind regards 
PhilMy PC Spec 
Intel i7 Skylake 6700K 4Ghz CPU
Akasa Heat Sink & Fan 
Gigabyte Z170-HD3P Motherboard
NVidia GTX 1080 DDR 5 8Gb Graphics
16GB Kingston Hyper X Fury DDR4 2400MHz
Iiyama 27" Prolite 2790HS x 3
Samsung 1TB SSD 850 EVO Series 
DVD Re-Writer 
Aerocool Deluxe Midi Tower Case  
Bequiet 700w PSU  
Windows 10 Operating System 64 Bit 


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The Saitek Joystick is OK, before you replace it you should buy a throttle quadrant if you didn't get one with the X-52, otherwise buy the rudder peddles. Then think about some instrumentation.   

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Because I enjoy a lot of different games I actually run the following equipment (ALL THE BUTTONS!!):

  • X52-Pro HOTAS
  • Logitech G29 Racing wheel and pedals
  • Logitech G27 Shifter (standalone adapter)
  • Mouse with approx 10 buttons

The steering wheel has a mess of buttons on it so I use that for a lot of the autopilot buttons like heading hold, vs, alt hold, etc. The shifter paddels I have mapped to moving the camera back or forward to I can fine tune my view. The accelerator and brake axis are mapped to a single axis and I use that for rudder pedals.


The G27 Shifter I use for the Gear Up & Down lever so it's a physical thing to shift down to drop the gear and shift up to raise the gear. Buttons mapped for Flaps, brakes and reverse thrust as well as some views mapped as well.


Finally the HOTAS has a few things mapped as well (basically using Catstrators mappings for his hotas)


Basically what I'm saying is you can make anything work :)


That said, use that X-52 Pro (you can always replace it later and its a great stick to begin with). Get yourself a set of pedals, Saitek (now logitech) or some CH ones and go from there. You can always upgrade later to a Crosswind set of pedals and high end HOTAS (VKSim) or Yoke/Quadrant set later as you settle in to what you want to fly I guess.

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Another good starting choice of rudder pedals :




I'm still equipped with Saitek stuff ( rudder pedals, quadrant, yoke and trim wheel ). For joystick steering planes ( and other flight sims like Condor Soaring and Rise of Flight ) I have a Thrustmaster T16000M.

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I've had a set of CH pedals since the dawn of time. They do what it says on the tin. Reliably. Plus you can chock them for "car games" (whatever they are)


I've also got a pair of Saitek throttle quadrants (for twin engine ops). Useless heap of junk - drivers cannot be made to work under Windows 10 no matter what. I'm thinking of ripping out the innards and fitting a single Bodnar control board ("one day") . . . Right now I wouldn't touch more Saitek stuff with a barge pole.

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38 minutes ago, Tim_A said:

I've also got a pair of Saitek throttle quadrants (for twin engine ops). Useless heap of junk - drivers cannot be made to work under Windows 10 no matter what.


Didn't know this, thks for info. Gives me another good reason to stick with Windows 7 for the moment... :)

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It depends on what sort of flying you most do and enjoy. I have a set of Saitek rudder pedals, and have never had a problem, plus they have toe brakes, which adds to the realism. I also have a Saitek Pro Flight yoke, which isn't too bad. Some people dont like the middle detent, but I have got used to it. The problem with most high end (ie. costly) yokes, is that they dont all have a hat switch, which I think is a must have for simming, if you dont have a full home cockpit. As for throttles, the choice is wide open. I have had the Go Flight Pro, fairly expensive, but the pots aren't the best, and the levers tend to become sloppy after some use. Its now sitting in the back room. Have also had multiple Saitek throttles, but again they aren't the best, and again sitting in the back room. Have now got a very expensive TQ6 set, which does the job with no problems. I am still running Windows

7, without problems. The choice is yours.:stars:


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