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@ John.


I dont trust the ba***rds either.


Have you seen the Tom Hanks film The Circle?  A very good film about the motives behind the workings of a Google/Face Book type of company.

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Linking images - quel nightmare!


HELP!! i can't post my PIREP.. can't get the images working since FS snaps went, and whatever i try isn't working..



1. can i link .PNG ??  if not i'll have to go back and re-save all the pics

2. Regarding the link.. i used to post with at the beginning and end of the http link but thats not working.  What am i doing wrong?


Any ideas guys?? driving me bonkers as there isn't a more up to date explanation of how to link for 'numpties' :fool:



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I save to jpeg using good old MS Paint and then post via onedrive, works well if you have that option. Matt posted instructions somewhere, but just remember if you delete image from your onedrive then the link is gone, I have a folder specifically for posted stuff....

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52 minutes ago, mutley said:

Hi Steph, .png images are allowed the image should show, try using the picture icon in the comment editor :)

 Yeah I tried that but all I could see was the html link. So peeved.. worked fine in the past and now it's not argghh :censored:

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OK guys (and gals), i have the solution.. easy lemon squeezy!!


put [ followed by img and then ] at the start of the html link, then after you have your file type (.jpg or .png etc.) put [/img]


You can then complete the Word or text document with all the links in as above and copy/paste it all in one go :clapping::yahoo:

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