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Beef to Chivenor

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Just a short hop into EGDC, A2A's 182 hauling a small load of Beef, burgers I think, though the weather was not right for a BBQ, very windy coming in on finals, positive landing and something is broken....off to the bar for a few Old Speckled Hens and see what the guy with the wrench can do in the morning.....

heading out, some rough weather forcast....


huge clouds......


nice to be out of the clouds, can actually see something now ATC as brought us down a bit....


soon be turning left to line up with the runway....


runway just ahead, over the water....


all lined up but so gusty was hard work in this little'un



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Nice work in windy weather. Fortunately cargos don't seem to be breaking along with airplanes yet...AH2 is packing them for us well ;). I've had a few AH aircraft repairs me self...we've had a spat of weather interrupt our summer over here lately. Keep on AHauling!


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