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Here is my controbution for this months comp.

I do not normally fly in snowy winter conditions, being from Africa and all, but thought I would give it a go, flying out of CYXC (Cranbrook, Canada), conditions where so bad I could not see far enough ahead and even started loosing sight of the ground at times, and being a GA flyer I get nervous when I an not see the ground. Not long after take off I decided this was for the geese, so I turned around and managed to find my way back to my departure AP and landed, safely thank goodness.

So all 3 my entries from the same flight. Minor edits to enhace the shots (permission given, thanks Joe)




Some really great entries so far, good luck to all.

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Thanks to everyone who entered this month's competition.

There were a couple of notable entrants who were so close, Fighterpilot and TomA320 who I am sure is going to win it soon ?

Anyhew, The winner of this months competition is Vacs007, congratulations Wayne your shot really gave me and Mrs Mutley a shiver, not bad for someone who has to live with the seasons back-to-front :whis: :giggle:

Here is Wayne's winning entry, everyone keep up the good work, have a happy 2009 and keep posting!!


Wayne, expect a PM from me :yikes:


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Thank you all, I will admit it did come as a suprise to me, as the entries this month were really good from all who submitted shots for this contest, congratulations to all you are all winners in my book. :yikes:

I have received my PM from Mutley and have replied with my prize choice, I will not say what it is for now, I will reveal it with some screen shots when I have it. :whis:

Ahhh!!!! What the heck, I have made my choice, I have choosen the JF Flying Club Robinson R44. Being a Big GA pilot I have wanted to add the R44 to my hangar for some time now. :giggle:

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