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i guess it had to be done eventually :)

i dislike fraps as it mostly kill FPS on my poor laptop, nevertheless here we go...

Black Marble Vector in the flesh with Vector Pack at Mach 1+
running smoothly with PREPAR3D v4 x64,  Win 8.1 x64, Dell Precision M3800,
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4702HQ @ 2.20GHz, 16.0 GB Ram, NVIDIA Quadro K1100M,


we are not going for high FPS score with this clip
(especially not with fraps running on a none gaming laptop),
this is just to show how Black Marble looks and feel in person,




Level of detail radius - Max
Tessellation Factor - Low
Mesh resolution - 19m
Texture resolution - 1m
Scenery complexity - Extremely dense
Autogen draw distance - Extremely high
Autogen vegetation density - normal
Autogen building density - normal

Weather - clear sky


Black Marble homepage


Black Marble Project discussion



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Looks lovely Chris...gotta say however that the stars are twinkling in Overdrive...which is just a bit distracting. A more Subtle effect might be more effective imo as a former Private/Public Observatory Docent.

Another Twinkling thought/observation...is there a way to modify the Amount of Twinkle based on Air Temperature...colder air hold less moisture which is what is mostly responsible for the twinkling we see, the moisture acts like an Air Thickener/Lens that distorts the light we see. Winter time is the Best time to use a Telescope/Stargaze as the air is more stable in the cold temperature. If you can make the stars "Hardly Twinkle at all" in Winter/Cold/High Altitude condition, that would enhance reality.

Summer/Low Altitude/High Humidity would cause the most twinkling...hopefully not as much as in the video above which is about 5x what we normally witness on a Twinkly Night.




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