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Coffee has Photoshop

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Finally! I found a friend with an old copy of PS6 that will work on my Win7 machine.


Here is my first attempt at Coffee colorizing an aircraft.


I started with one of the stock paints and tweeked it a bit:

I just wanted to verify that the DTXbitmap program and PS were talking to each other so I removed registration numbers, did some color changing, I made two gold stripes into one solid green stripe and tried out simple image importing (to make a simple coffee been logo...which I placed in the wrong spots...oh well.).


Coffee's temporary NorCal Smuggler Bird in NorCal Camo: Mocha Coffee and Green to blend in with the California hillsides.







And yes, for this test we didn't bother masking off the landing gear or tires. :)

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2 hours ago, mutley said:

There's an awful lot of coffee in brazil :whis:




Im thinking Columbia also has lots of coffee...and other "stuff" to smuggle to the states.


@Brett: Thank you sir. I also have to relearn PS...although I was pleased that my fingers all on their own seemed to easilly recall the Alt/Ctrl/Shift shortcuts :)

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I am sure the new liveries will help take the grind out of AH for you.  You will be able to offer an Expresso service. - Especially to the Americanos ;)



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