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1 hour ago, Lucy.P said:

Thanks Jim, such a lot to think about in that post. I think in one of your most recent streams, (might even have been just last week?) you used the Zibo mod, I noted that to check it out at some point.

The other big 'to think about' is your leanings towards P3D as a go to for GA flights. I'm enchanted by the low flight-level detail in XP11 but I think I will take a few P3D flights in GA and reconsider. I have the FTX Global Vectors, OpenLC and most of the regions, so I will do that. Maybe even do one of the VA Flight Club tours in P3D.



off to have a look now, thanks Jim :)


Don't get me wrong, I love XP11 scenery and night lighting and everything, but for me the GA planes from A2A are the best. I am in the same predicament because the performance for me in XP11 kicks P3D's ass. But XP11 does not have the A2A GA planes. 


I am actually using XP11 entirely for the big jets 737 - because of the performance increase. I have PMDG 737 which is amazing, but even with that, I still turn to XP11. 


Best bet is to just use the two sims as and when you want - I am currently splitting my time, depending on what I plan to fly. If I fancy a 172 or 737, I jump on XP11. If I fancy the comanche or the Texan - I jump on P3D. The hard part if buying new scenery for me, which one to buy for :)

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I already have the Airfoillabs 172 for XP11, but will give the Simcoders REP a go for my Baron.

I will beef up the XP11 737 and see how it goes, with jets I do neglect XP, but as I am becoming a PMDG lover. (at the moment trying to master the 74' and 77') it's turning into an increasingly one-way road. But you've given a lot to consider and I will revisit some of your flights.

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Yeah I am a lover of the PMDG too - in FSX I had the 737 and the 777, but when I moved over to P3Dv4, I had to re-purchase them. I didn't want to part with my cash again, so I chose the 737 as I flew that more. 


Understood though, if you have addons that cost money for P3D then it makes sense to get your money worth before moving to a new sim. I have a lot of scenery in P3D so I probably won't ever completely leave P3D. 


If you don't have an A2A plane - you REALLY need to get one!! I cannot stress this enough, any of their GA line with Accusim, or even the Constellation if you want something bigger. It will blow you away how in depth they have modelled those tiny aircraft. Obviously the Comanche is my favourite with 220+ hours on that plane. 

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