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Leg 18 Ayres Rock YAYE to Birdsville YBRD

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I awoke to sweltering heat, a headache the size of Manhatten and my alarm blaring in my ear for what seemed an age. Could have sworn I only had a couple of beers with Steph, but man is my head ringing. Whats the time?? 0600, ok so I haven't slept in too late. What's the temperature? 35. crap. gotta buy more water!


I got up, grabbed my gear and checked out of my hotel room and got one of the bush taxi's to Connellan Airport where I'd been told I had a surprise waiting for me. I still had NO idea what bird I was going to fly but I'd managed to fly my way out of Asia taking little contracts here and there (Air Force kinda kicked me out after "loosing" the Spartan). This was not going to be any different. Well apart from what I had stowed in my duffle; Once again, the mighty baton had landed in my lap some how and I was entrusted to escort it on it's merry way.


I had three contracts all up, one from here to Birdsville (might be in time to catch the fight tent), then on to Longreach and finally Hamilton Island. Been a while since I'd stopped off at YBHM so it'd be good to just laze on the sand for a while after this trip, though I might see enough sand to last two lifetimes going by my flightplan. At any rate, after buying the cateen's last slab of water bottles I was greated by this gorgeous beauty.




Looks like I'm back in the DC-3 again. Well no complaints there!




Looks like she's an old Northern Territory Airlines bird she might even have been one of the original Connellan Airways girls from after the war. They've certainly maintained her well enough. OK Well, time and the heat is a wastin' lets get her up into the air where it MIGHT be a bit cooler.




Wasn't long and we were up in the air




Can't say I'm not happy to say goodbye to Yulara. That light show last night was something else but all in all, the red outback is not my stick. Give me the mountains or the Atherton Tablelands any day of the year.


And being this close to Uluru, I really couldn't help myself



I just HAD to do a low circle around it.



As we came around the back end there we saw the other famous rock(s) out here, The Olgas.



No time for a flyby past those fellas though, it was time to start my climb and get underway.




One last look behind and we're on our way guys and gals!



You know, I have NO idea what this ridge is called, but when you're flying around and EVERYWHERE is just flat red sand, you tend to perk up a bit when we get a little treat like this. Now that I'm back in civilization, Uncle Google says that is Mount Conner




Remember how I said it was flat and red. Yea....



Oh oh! Excitement, there's an airstrip! Pretty sure this is for some huge cattle station. In the middle of nowhere.




More excitement! We've crossed over the boarder and are now in Queensland. No more red sand! Just more yellow sand......



I hate sand.... It's gritty and it's coarse, and it gets everywhere!



Birdsville ahoy Capt'n.



No bouncing kangaroos here, just a really nice easy landing. One of my best yet. Coffee and Brett'd be proud of me.


I get the bird around the the main "hanger" and a bloke comes out, helps me shut her down and says "Strewth, we thought you weren't comin fella. Head into town there and ask for Doris at the pub, she's got your room sorted and we'll get the bird sorted for your trip t'marra."


I give him a little eyebrow look at "get the bird sorted" but just shrug and go looking for Doris at the pub.


Plane: Aeroworx MJ C-47 conversion for XP11

Livery: Personal conversion of (I think) @jankees NT Airways for the MJ C-47

Scenery: Ortho4XP and HiRes Mesh from JASA

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Glad you're safely out of Uluru Beejay.. lovely to see the Dak and well done for getting her into the air in those temps. The heat is a nightmare for pilots. 

Some lovely shots of Uluru and the Olgas too! Looking forward to the next leg to longreach.


Ps. Thanks for the fab lobster dinner! 

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Nice PIREP BeeJay, I love the Dizzie too and considering the barren surroundings you gave a great account.

Good luck with the next couple of flights, be gentle with Doris as we don't want to get a bad reputation.

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11 hours ago, rosariomanzo said:

Ditto! Really love the colors in your shots. Great commentary too. Cheers!


Thanks Ros, high praise from you :)


This one I think is my favourite but I just couldn't figure out how to include it in the narrative.



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