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Dec 2017 - Snow Scenes

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Time to start getting festive!


For December we would like to see screenshots which include snow as a major factor. No points will be deducted if the odd Rreindeer, Santa or Elves make it into the shot.  :D


For this month we will lift the no major edit rule to allow for extra creativity.


Good luck and get posting!

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3 hours ago, mutley said:

I'm pretty sure you have used that first one before Alan?

Possibly, not sure since Pbs meltdown as can't access my old accounts.Changed it now.

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Grammar error.
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On 12/3/2017 at 17:29, Captain Coffee said:

Regrettably Dehavilland never made a DHC-x Reindeer, a still appropriate (and very slightly edited for festiveness) DHC-4 Caribou will have to stand in. :)




You might enjoy this post on my blog, Tailspin's Tales, about just such a Caribou. http://tailspinstales.blogspot.com/2009/02/thank-you.html


EDIT by Mutley: Hmm, thanks Tom, usually we would remove this type of post as it is not a contest entry but it's Christmas!

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Thanks everyone for your fantastic entries.


Although this wasn't a Christmas themed contest, it was great to see the messages on some of your shots.


So, December's winner is this very chilly looking snow shot from our very own Brett, well done mate :clapping:



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