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Ultimate Traffic Live Released

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Thanks Boss. 

I quite like the idea of a second PC traffic program but I cant have airliners and GA crowding out Boscombe Down. 

Shame as it looks good from what I have seen. 

I suppose I couldn’t add Military to it the hard way, by doing it manually?

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11 minutes ago, J G said:

I suppose I couldn’t add Military to it the hard way, by doing it manually?


 That sounds complicated JG. I don't think you would get airliners at Boscombe down, I could take a look but I'm flying in New Zealand this morning.

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I'm starting to think your afraid to fly anything without a parachute JG.:P Never understood why they don't include military aircraft in these traffic programs, I think it would be cool to see them flying in the restricted "R" zones.

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As a complete newbie to UT until now, I found UTL has an immersion factor I'd not found for some time. Although my set up is not in the major league  by comparison with others here. all seems fine other than an occasional hesitation which, to be honest, may or may not be UTL software. But, yes, I have tweeked the setting a little as a precaution. Nevertheless, watching 4 Easy Jets and a GA lined up waiting to take off at  EGGW suggested some degree of reality.


For viewing Ai around me I use Opus FSI Live View . As yet I've got to the stage of injecting live weather yet it was quite interesting to see big metal landing with a 14 kt tail  wind into EGSS!:D Nevertheless, I was quite taken by watching the go around's as I sat on the perimeter happily virtual plane spotting.

All my UK2000 Scenery airfields are now tightly packed with aircraft. Wonderful.


p.s. A Happy New Year to Mutley's Crew and forum members.



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