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Leg 23 - Niue Intl NIUE to Rarotonga Intl NCRG

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I arrived back at Niue after some delicate negotiations with our financiers and to set up the aircraft for our next flight, desperate times call for desperate measures. I made track for Turtle Lodge, a safe house up the coast.


I didn’t have to introduce myself, the doors opened as if by magic, obviously someone was keeping an eye out and flipped the switch. I was shown to the lounge, JG was already there and in a bit of a state, so much so he still hadn’t changed out of his flight gear. Jasmine relayed what had happened previously, and JG was taking a small drink to calm his nerves.



With the fake baton in my hand (yes, I could tell Jasmine, but I’ll play along with it) I made for the launch site. The goons will never expect this, I sniggered. Our contact, Felix, in the Secret Intelligence Service has secured a Fury 1500 UAV. I stowed the baton and made for my Phenom 300 where I will be the FO armed with a remote control to fly the drone, because the drone was commanded by satellite I can make my way ahead and fly her in from there.


At the allotted time the Fury was launched.

The flight will take many hours and should arrive around dusk.


All systems appeared to be working ok:



We headed for cover:



This was the last we will see of the sun for a while:



Meanwhile, in a little over an hour we arrive in the Phenom:



Sat on the apron, I can see Coff is already here in his BAC One-Eleven, there's no mistaking that livery:



Odd, I hang around for a while to watch a couple of dodgy characters taking an interest in Coff's aircraft, spotters maybe? They shouldn't be airside. grr:



About 20 miles out the drone suffers a catastrophic failure and the engine cuts out, it all goes quiet:



The glide range isn't brilliant but we are still on target.



I swing out to sea and head for the ship, that will put me in line for my landing (crash!) site:



Low and slow, we pass overhead between the masts!



Over the top of the terminal I can see the drone coming straight at me!



Visual confirmed by the drone.



I duck as the Fury nearly takes my head off, it hits the ground with a dull thump



Fury is surveying the area:



I remove the baton and mosey off to the FBO:



Once changed, I make for the terminal to meet Coff. Those pesky spotters are still roaming the apron.


Sim: P3Dv4.1

Scenery: Pacsim Rarotonga + Orbx

Weather: ASP4 and REX Storm Force:

Phenom: Carenado

Fury 1500: Default P3Dv4


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Well done Joe, and perhaps a new one for the ATWC...has the/a baton ever been carried by drone before?

I'd not concern yourself much about those spotters, probably just another group of Looky Lou's who have been snapping shots of my bird since I arrived a few days back.

See you in the airport lounge. I'm confuzelled by this time after all the baton monkey business...soooo...will I be carrying the real or fake baton? :blink2::anyone:

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This is a first matt, I am taking a bit of a liberty but I did fly the route in the Phenom originally. 


17 minutes ago, Captain Coffee said:

will I be carrying the real or fake baton? :blink2:


I have no idea Matt, but it looks good enough to be real so keep calm and carry on!


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10 hours ago, Tim_A said:

There do appear to be several fake batons. This is turning into a game of 3 Cups - I do hope someone knows where the real baton is (and that  that isn't Putinfeld)!


Twenty bucks say's I know where it is, lol.:P

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I know the answer!  For this leg Joe had the real baton, given the shenanigans with trackers, nuclear keys and fake but ultra realistic batons I am not supprised he was confused. Afterall the batons weight has changed a couple of times with the various objects hidden inside it and that is before a substitute was needed.


The batton was stolen from my hotel room at Nasori international and Joe flew Leg 21 with the fake batton.  The real baton was returned to me on the QE Aircraft Carrier and handed on to Joe at the end of leg 22. The real one flew leg 23.


Clearly Joe didnt notice the switch to the fake baton before he did Leg 21 but saw something different at the start of Leg 23. I guess he was suspisious about a baton change but didnt realise it was the switch back to the real baton he was noticing.


Matt, you will have the real baton, unless Joe has lost it.:whis: 


PS. @brett & @Tim_AIts under the middle cup.

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This is a friend of Capt. Coffee's.


We met via some previous ATWC PIREPs and it appears I have been drafted into this one to help my little buddy out of a jam, a serious jam.


I received a sat phone message shortly after zulu 20:00 yesterday. It was a brief and panicked plea for help and rescue, he got in waaaay over his head this leg and found himself in the clutches of, serious trouble. Sorry, I can't go into details of a current operation, ironically, as unbeknownst to him, that's actually what got him into the mess he is in now.


He forwarded his login codes here so I could pass the bad news along and beg for your patience, and prayers.


Remaining as positive as possible in lieu of any current evidence he is still alive, I can only say that parties with special skills are being mobilized exploit this opportunity to recover Matt, his airplanes (well, one of them, maybe), and the baton of course...and perhaps deal a blow to a slippery problem that has been kept too long out of sight and mind.


I'm personally involved and on my way to a stashed aircraft, and other resources in the area, to effect the rescue attempt...asap.



Pat Moran.

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I love the use of a drone to deliver the baton.


Holed up and in fear of my life as I am it coulld be a useful way of shipping the baton on a stage. However, it has not been an option for me.  Joe must know people in the US military I dont, and I guess the RAF drones are all busy in the middle east at the moment. I will have to risk my neck again when I venture out with the blue cylinder.


Great PIREP Joe, May I suggest you award yourself a "Classic PIREP" for this one.

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