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FSX Stuff in P3D V4.1

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Ignoring the inevitable, "Why would you?" comments that are likely to follow this, has anyone tried or does anyone know if it's possible to successfully load and use FSX add-on stuff in P3D V4.1?  I have a few favorites that are not available for P3D...


  • Dree's KOCF scenery
  • Ship Traffic
  • Carenado C-182RG
  • Carenado C-210
  • Captain Sim C-130
  • Default FSX C-172
  • Default FSX Caravan


There are probably some others I haven't thought of yet.  I know that there are payware equivalents for at least the C-172 (and probably some of the others) that have been created for P3D, but not sure I want it THAT bad.


Another question - some software that has been ported or created for P3D was probably done under P3D V3 or earlier.  Will that work under P3D V4.1?



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John, there is a copy of the latest ai ships in our staff reviewers Dropbox, I have merged V1 and V2 so it's now compatible with P3Dv4.


The two files are also available from AVSHIT as seperate downloads for non-crew. After some sleep, I can probably help you with some of the others. ;)

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@allardjd Dree's KOCF (SP1) works fine in P3D4v but you have to add it manually, I'll PM you later :)


A few shots - Ah! the memories!










The Carenado aircraft you can re-download and they will be up to date.


The Herc, I don't think will work as Ros says


The Default FSX stuff - ditch and make a wish list and give it to Pam!



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2 hours ago, skmcconnell said:

I have tried the FSX:Steam Edition C172 and have not found any issues yet.


I've done that and it appears to be OK but all versions have a plain white livery.  Interior, panels, etc. all look normal.



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9 hours ago, mutley said:

@allardjd Dree's KOCF (SP1) works fine in P3D4v but you have to add it manually, I'll PM you later :)


Got it!  Did you ever see this on the back side of one of the taxiway signs?  You thought all those Little Johnny mischief jokes were just fiction, didn't you?







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6 hours ago, J G said:

Has anyone tried using ships in P3D v4.1?


I want to add some aircraft carriers to P3D V4.1 but I don't know if it is possible.


Have a look here: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/2687/fsx-ai-carriers/ I used this neat little problem many years ago and it did the job.


Not sure if it will work in V4 as it just says P3D so could mean V1 which is the same as FSX.



EDIT: More info here: http://www.taskforcefsx.com/aicarriers.html

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Thanks Joe. - A little late :th_blush: sorry, life is busy right now! I have found HMS Victorious for TAC Pac which will be on my install list.


I was going to add P3D v4.1 to my PC and keep FSX for my older stuff, but having played with it for a bit FSX has gone. Lockheed Martin's involvement in P3D is great for military guys like me, v4.1 has already spawned a couple of V4 only military add-on that look very tasty from the likes of Sim Skunk Works, all I have to do is get the money together to buy them!. It seems that P3D is expanding the FS in a direction I like, with interaction with the world around flights on the increase.


Before any pacifists out there moan about the military, these changes are bound to include non-military bonuses as well, better radar, better autopilots and perhaps some auto-land simulations. Sim Skunk Works P3D v4 Tornado already has a working ground following radar system, a sign of things to come.


By the way, since going 64 bit my frame rates have gone through the roof!   



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