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FR792 STN-TSF. Transition to P3Dv4

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Hi guys, 


After still struggling to get used to XP11, and as well as there not being a traffic program I deem acceptable, it was time to upgrade to P3Dv4. After spending the last 3 days tweaking and working out my best configs for graphic/performance combo, I was finally able to undertake my first flight. Unfortunately, I didn't realise the quality loss by saving my files as PNG on standard P3D screenshot, but I have managed to salvage a few. Back to JPEG from now on! Hope you enjoy..


FR792 - B737-8AS


Stansted - Venice Treviso



Approaching the Swiss alps prior to descent for runway 07.





In the descent for TSF


Now we've cleared the high terrain (almost) it's time for a dive to our platform altitude, because P3D gave me a short approach (Thanks ATC :pilotic:)


Ended up doing a G/A because the approach was too short! But after a simple circuit, we were on the ground in Treviso. 


Thanks for looking :hat:

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Looks like a great flight and some really nice captures. Better to go around than to risk overshooting the runway so getting down safe good job.


As for setting up P3D I feel your pain but it's the one sim that works well out the box with very little tweaks. So it's just a case of slider settings which is easier than hitting those config files. 

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