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Update on islandair and new Airline

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Hello everyone


After 7 months I talked about my Islandair Company. The company has had a massive growth,

-New destinations like the Faroe islands, Ireland and Iceland with a stop in Aberdeen have been added. 

-2 new bases have been opened: Cork and Aberdeen
-Services to Guernsey Airport EGJB and Alderney Airport EGJA have been terminated as we retire the Dorniers and DHC-7.
-Our fleet has been expanded to 7 ATR 42-600s (5 pax and 2 Cargo)

The airline has become self-sufficient by itself and there is little for me to do.

So 2 months I've decided to start a new airline on Career mode, without a real base flying point to point.
I started out small in the Cessna 172, from EGTB Wycombe Air Park only to never return. (except to get the C185)
Once I had the money, I sold the C172 and got the C185 which I used daily for 15 days straight.
Fast-forward to now and I'm currently parked at LIRA Rome Ciampino Airport in my  QW Bae 1460-300QT which I acquired just 2 days after selling my Q400 I had used for almost 2 weeks. I did have to swallow my throat seeing the difference in fuel burn ( around 750L/h more at optimal efficiency). 

(built a temp base in EGHH to get the Bae 146-300QT, already demolished)

Now I have a question for you guys. What is a good airport to call "home"?
Here are some requirements for the airport (can be slightly "bend"):
-Min ~7000ft runway
-Minimal RFF6 https://www.icao.int/safety/Lists/RFFCrashCharts/AllItems.aspx
-I prefer near or in the Alps, but a nice channel hope is nice too.
I had my eyes on LOWK Klagenfurt for a while, but maybe there are better options.

High speed, Low drag


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