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when I recently did a scan of XP with plan-g it created a backup, it saves to my docs which is on ms onedrive cloud, can some one please tell me why it backs up all sims info when I only had XP11 and p3dv4? 144mb backup for fsx which isn't installed...can I stop this?

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Not sure what the value of backups of Plan-G would be anyway.  Everything can be reproduced from the databases in the various sims you might have installed, except possibly flight plans that you didn't save to the relevant sim, and maybe your settings.  Not worth backing any of that up that I can see.



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sorry guys I think you misunderstand....

plan-g saves files to Documnets, my documents folder gets backed up automatically to ONEDRIVE, not a problem.

my question is why is there a big file in plan-g DATA folder for FSX / FS9 as I don't have them installed?

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