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Andras Meridian VA flightlogs

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Flight #5
April; 2nd
With Thorsten




Easy startup in light rain and low clouds. Carb heat already necessary. 
Left turnout from rwy22 and after leaving the traffic pattern head for 114 and climb to 5000.
But at 5000 we were in the soup with carb heat a constant necessity. Back to 3000 to drop below but although the view is better under the clouds the carb heat was still needed. Not wanting to foul our plugs on a long trip and only 9 minutes underway, we decided to climb above the soup and levelled of at 8000. No more carb heat, but higher winds so faster than we would want to perhaps. Thou shalt not disrespect accusim ;-).






With this altitude visibility to the ground was all but obscured. Wpt1 is a bend in a river just south of Trondheim, but I’ll believe it from my instruments. Crossed wpt1 with a little over 20min on the counter, turning 125 for wpt2.






Cruising along nicely with not a lot to see, but enjoyable nonetheless.
Wpt should be between some lakes, but again trusting my instruments here. I’m not above using AP with GPS but nonetheless I again double check using my old school navigational instruments.


With 39 minutes on the timer turn towards wpt3, heading 015, or 011 with wind correction.






One of the longer legs to wpt4, 105nm to a point between a river and a mountain.
From what I can see between the clouds below I think some scenery maintenance is in order, as my scenery is updating way too slowly even for my pc. Oh well, after the MEBAR a reset of terrain.cfg then. With 80 min on the clock we turn towards 244 for wpt 5.

A shorter leg again, the airfield of Namsos, but opting to go there via the NMS NDB.
With the timer at 87, we paused for lunch.




And back, 11nm out from the NDB before touching on Namsos. Already spying it between the clouds as we reached the NDB and the needle flipped around.
Tuning VOR to RVK and OBS to 332 we head for ENRM airfield after passing ENNM with timer at 97.

RVK / ENMR is wpt 5. Easy enough, just ride radial 332.
Reached it on timer 107 minutes. Also a bit of  clearing in the otherwise monogamous cloud layers.










We now head for the final destination of this MEBAR: ENRA Rostvoll airport. But to get there, we planned some detour for navigational and expected landing issues.
First we head into BNN VOR, 46nm away on radial 035. We will then proceed on the same radial but outbound, heading towards STM NDB. Then we’ll capture GM NDB and the ILS to guide us into the fjord that holds our final destination.






So first: BNN VOR. Situated on ENVM airfield. 
Passing that with 124 on the timer.
Then on to STM, now already showing signal on the needle.
With timer at 142 the OBS2 tuned to the ILS sprang to life, 24nm out.


8nm Out of STM pulled carb heat and throttle for descent.
Descending just before STM to 2000ft.
Passing STM with 148 on the timer and a quick scenery reset to cover the blurries, turning into GM NDB and catching the ILS, which does not seem to have altitude relations.
Downwind checks over GM NDB and a normal visual approach from there.











Time 156.73


Thanks to the MEBAR team!!!!

But ...  we are not done yet. We AMA flyers had hoped to do more online together, but as such things go real life intervened.

So I took it upon myself to set up an unofficial leg #6, to be flown by the competing AMA flyers together online. When we get settled on a date and time, I'll post it here below and the details for joining up, so more can join in on the fun and salute the MEBAR team on a job well done for setting this up again for all of us sim nuts.



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Hi guys,

I want to thank the organization team of the MEBAR 2018 event once more for their splendid work. :thanks:
It was the first time for me to participate in this MEBAR event, but I’m sure it will not be the last time.:thum:

Since I rarely read manuals ahead of putting hands on and I did not find intentionally the way to express waypoints by radial and distance to a given VOR in G-Plan, I switched to another nice freeware planning tool LittleNavMap. Now I know the feature is available also in G-Plan, of which I like in particular the printed flight plan as flight log.

Below  please find a few  screenshots which I like to share with you.


Leg #1

Since my virtual airline CEO already posted several pictures of this common online flight, besides the flight plan I post only one.

Route for the first leg.

My fellow pilots had been some minutes ahead of me. While I’m still heading for WP3 they already are heading for WP4. For this leg our chief designer and painter had not yet finished all nose arts or the personalized registrations. Thanks Thorsten, for your great work and your patience!


Leg #2

Route for the second leg.

On this leg I can proudly present the finished design for my A2A Piper PA-24 Comanche.
Thanks again Thorsten! :thum:

Here I’m already on base leg for ENSO, Sorstokken, runway 20.

Two pictures of the affectionately created ENSO scenery by the freeware Airports of Norway.



Leg #3

Route for the third leg.

The weather changed to typical spring time conditions - alternately sunshine and rain.:wacko2:

It was hard for me to visually identify the runway of our destination airport Bringeland. Therefore I decided to approach runway 25 via NDB Langeneset (LS). Very critical in this moment was the high hills right on track to the runway because I was flying on traffic pattern altitude.

After passing the hills on short final to ENBL, Bringeland,runway 25.

It looks like Toby and me having the same AI traffic add-on. I think I saw the Eastern Airways BAe Jetstream 41 already on one of his posts.


Leg #4

Route for the fourth leg.


Initially we four from AMA - Andras Meridian Airlines had planned to fly leg #4 together. But due to unforeseen family events and highly sporadic technical issues I flew the legs #4 and #5 only together with Dirk (PH-DON). But it was fun anyway. :thum:

The weather wasn’t really what you would expect for sightseeing flights across a very nice ORBX scenery. :(

Unfortunately there is nothing to see in the mist from the really nice scenery of Norway.

Dirk just landing.

Dirk standing in the rain,  reporting by phone to our CEO. :D


Leg #5

Route for the fifth and last leg.

The weather situation had improved a little bit, we had some sunshine at departure. But there was almost an overcast cloud layer at initial flight level for the whole leg. :wacko2:

Dirk following me with landing lights still on.


While Dirk had stayed at initial flight level and in the clouds had to turn on carb heat almost for the complete flight I decided to descend to 4,500ft thus most of the time avoiding flying in the clouds but on the other hand checking vary carefully for mountains reaching up to this flight level like at WP2.


Heading north just short below the layer of black clouds.

Although we two had the same 20/20 setting and leaned to 55% power Dirk somehow was faster and could pass me on this very long leg. Due to the high mountains east of the route between VOR Vardefjell (VFL) and NDB Gruben (GR) we both decided to approach NDB Gruben via the fjord Ranfjorden allowing us a descent as planned. Dirk in front of me is already flying over the city of Mo I Rana heading east towards NDB Gruben.

On final straight-in approach to ENRA, Rossvoll, runway 32.


I’m vacating the runway while Dirk already is parking close to the tower.


While I can enjoy the FSX freeware scenery for Mo I Rana/Rossvoll airport, Dirk is flying P3D and therefore can’t see that his left wing in my view is extending into the terminal building. :huh:


Thanks guys, It was a pleasure for me to fly this event together with you. Hope we can meet online when flying the unofficial additional leg #6 announced by Toby, the CEO of our virtual Andras Meridian Airlines. :pilotic:


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Our joint and unofficial #6 flight. A late afternoon VFR from ENRA to (now closed) ENNK.

AMA flyers online were Thorsten, Dirk, Gernot and yours truly.

flightplan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ykWhl-vEL4EqM_G4-ACrVTW3GDgPbU0IWzWaikszaLU/edit






Started up around 1745 and taxied to 01, lining up behind each other. After start a left hand pattern and towards our initial, a bend in the road next to the river.


From there we followed the road and river winding through the countryside. First at 2000ft, later at 2500ft and finally at 3000ft, as the terrain kept slowly rising.






After some turning points we arrived at our waypoint, a split in the road and river. We took left, following north and towards the Fjord, Rognan airstrip and FSK NDB.








From FSK NDB we entered BODO CTR, crossing it to the northern tip of Landegode island. 






From there we now cruised happily under a slowly setting sun to the NNE. First to ENEN airstrip, then on to ODD NDB and finally to ENNK Narvik.










At Narvik we did a normal VFR left hander onto rwy32, which is a short approach but easy if you watch your altitude.
















And thus we are truly done. Thanks for this year's MEBAR and hope to be back next year!




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