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Mebar 2018 - Leg 5 and final flight.

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I didn't post any Screenshots of Leg 4 due to weather conditions......................enough said!


Here are the Screenshots for my final flight in Norway 2018.


Departing Flatval (ENFA) and climbing to my preferred cruise alt.




Window view.




Wonder if there's a football match going on below?




Really hoping the visibility doesn't worsen en route?




I still have ground visibility but have to keep paying attention to the weather conditions, especially the wind speeds.




Looks like it's going to be runway 32 then.




Descending for  Rossvoll (ENRA) 




Oh no, am I going to get a visual for runway 32 or not?




Once through the gloom there is runway 32 in all it's glory!




About to vacate the runway and head for my chosen parking spot.




Parked up and aircraft shut down one last time for this years Mebar in Norway 2018.




That's all Folks. Many thanks to all the guys at Mutleys Hanger that put on this very special event every year.

The very best of luck to all you pilots who are still flying the legs. I'm getting ready for the next one already!!!



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Nice pics, I flew the LOC B arrival, and it was good to see RWY 32 emerge out of the gloom.


Thanks to Andrew and the Mutley team for the Rally, It must have been a lot of work putting it all together.





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Thank you for your kind comments, everyone. I agree with Neil, a lot of very hard work must have gone into setting up these rallies every year. It was only through an online friend of mine living in Florida that told me about the Mebar. To date, I believe this is the 4th one I've taken part in, and because I mainly fly jets throughout the year, this rally is something different for me to look forward to each year now, and it keeps my hand in with GA aircraft flying. I'm off to eat my Easter Egg now!! 

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12 hours ago, CAT3508 said:

Thanks to Andrew and the Mutley team for the Rally, It must have been a lot of work putting it all together.


Andrew is the Brains, I am the beauty, I get to do the pretty stuff! :rofl:

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Well, many thanks to both of you guys then, you've given me something to really look forward to every Eastertime, and not just me alone judging by the ever-increasing number of virtual pilots that are taking part in this great annual event nowadays, and long may that trend continue. :thum:   


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