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Historical tour from Paris to Noum

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Mut, take care! :yes:

Meanwhile, enjoy this shot from the second leg, from LFMI - Istres (France) to LGTP - Tripolis (Greece). Here we have reached Italy's coasts around Rome.

I have tried to use the Couzinet, but seems the panel has some problems, so I took the Mustang.



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The tour is going on.

In the last month I have purchased lots of addons, so I want to try them all, even if they could be a little anachronistic! :thumbup:

We are now heading to WMKK Kuala Lumpur-Subang with a C130 "Blue Angels", and we have touched down at HECA - Cairo Int, ORBS - Baghdad Int'l Airport, OPKC - Karachi, VIAL - Allahabad-Bamhrauli, VECC - Calcutta-Dum Dum and VYMM - Moulmein.

Here are some in-flight shots:




Will keep you up to date, ciao!

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Thanks everyone for feedback.

Flown another leg from WMKK - Kuala Lumpur-Subang to WIII - Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta, now we are heading to WRRB - Bima for leg 11.

Love the Constellation, does anybody know when the JustFlight/Aeroplanes Heaven one will go out?



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:clapping: Thanks Mut.

I expected a great plane to fly, after its reviews, but she goes beyond!

The central canopy mullion was initially a little boring, but after a few practice I have noticed that it is a great aid for runway alignment! Now having a lot of fun with all the models! :good:

Back in topic, we are two legs from the tour end, :shok: will keep you up to date!

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And here we go for the last leg! :good:

Leaving Brisbane with our powerful Constellation Starliner:


Almost two hours and a half, and we can finally see New Caledonian coast:


We have visual ground contact, and La Tontouta Tower gives us clearance to a visual approach for runway 11. Here we are on blocks:


Hope you enjoyed this trip as I did. Thanks for watching. :shok:


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