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Just back from 5 years leave

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Hi guys,


After struggling with Windows 10 and Air Hauler 2, I've gone back to my old Windows 7 machine and Air Hauler original.

I hate Windows 10 with a passion and I just cannot get on with Air Hauler 2, they are both too erratic for an old sod like me. :-)

I'm using FSX Steam now and although I've tried most of the other modern simulations, I'm sticking with FSX.


I've still got my old company files for Air Hauler and I'm looking forward to flying around Europe and the Middle East again.

I have so much software that won't run on Windows 10 properly and although it's old it works for me.

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+1.  Welcome back.


Re Win10, I love it, but declined to go the upgrade route on an old computer.  I waited until I was ready for a new machine and got a factory-installed Win10 - no problems.  


Sorry you're not liking AH2 but we have to remember that the original AH was a ground breaker and if you're happy with it, that's fine.  It was a great piece of work.


FSX-SE is rock solid for me, but I also like P3D-V4.





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Thanks for the welcome guys,


I've dusted off my Win 7 PC and reinstalled Steam, but I've hit a problem trying to install FSX.

It won't install the XAudio2.1 dll file needed by FSX. I've tried all of Microsoft's downloads for the

DX drivers and nothing works. My machine is 64 bit and I can't run DX 9.0 C.


My Win 10 machine installed FSX with no problems on Steam but the graphics card has gone down

and I can't afford another for some time. I'm hoping someone here has some suggestions?

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Good to have you back Paul, I've been using W7 Ultimate for several years now, (before that it was WXP). I run FSXA having been on FS9 for many years (which W7U wouldn't run properly) Sometimes things get too clever for their own good IMO ,LOL !

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