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Congratulations....and a big thank you to all those who put in the hard work involved in making MEBAR 2018 a big success and such an enjoyable event for us simmers.

I must admit I did not read the fine print before the event, having participated several times before.  One important piece of information I missed was the use of Ground Speed

as the basis for calculation.  Just look at my leg 1 result!  After reading some of the forum entries, I realised the error of my ways.  My results steadily improved as I became more adept

at working out GS v IAS.  Fortunately, my flight planning was good, and my leg distances were no more than 2nm different from those in the route descriptions.

Now, my problem is, what aircraft to fly next year......




Bob York


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Glad you enjoyed this years event Bob. All the hard work was down to Andrew and Joe and what a great job they did. I found this years change of rules to be quite challenging and I can say I have never used the mixture control so much before. It certainly hones your skills. Perhaps where 'type rated' comes in to play hey. Lol see you next time.

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Looked like a fantastic rally this year. I was regrettably otherwise engaged and could not join in. I was glad to see everyone else go through the teething pain changes, I will be forewarned and forearmed next year. Nice work Andrew and Joe and a big thanks to all the pilots who shared their adventures!

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