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been flying the JF Warrior a bit now in XP11, I get spark plug foul warning from time to time and there's a procedure to get rid, however occassionally I get a thing come up on screen warning of vapor lock? am I supposed to do something then ? I have looked around for an answer but all I seem to find is what it is, not sure if it means something has to be done....

Any help appreciated....

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Vapour lock is a heat induced issue with the fuel delivery system. Used to cause problems in our cars during the carburetor-era.  The easy solution was to let the engine cool off.


I flew a great many variants of the Piper PA-28 series a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and I do not recall vapour lock ever being mentioned as something to look out for. Warriors used Lycoming carburetted engines (by recollection) running 100LL. Now, in all fairness, my experience with these aircraft was confined mostly to Ontario and Quebec with some forays into upstate New York. Ground temps could get well up into the 90's (real temperature measurement system).


There were rumours of Lycoming and Piper trying to certify these engines on automotive fuel. If that ever happened, it was after my time with them. I suppose that ground handling on automotive gas at hot airports might cause vapour lock.

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Like March said vapor lock is caused by excessive heat near the fuel lines that turn the fuel to a gas and block the lines to the carburetor and it can even happen in fuel injected systems. There's lots of conversation about different fuels that might cause it more than others in certain engines but as to what to do when it happens most say to turn on the fuel boost pump to force the blockage out and do what you can to cool the engine. 


Real world maintenance procedures would be to check manufactures fuel and additive requirements and to reroute fuel lines or shield them from the hotter areas around the engine. 

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