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Does anyone use GSX?


I have a couple of questions about it.  If I was to buy this I would want to know how this would work with various aircraft, so:


Can it be tailored to any aircraft? I have the Tristar professional military version on which I would want to use all of the features.


Can I part of it only?  So for military fast jets I would want to use only the refuel and pushback features.


Any help would be great

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GSX will work with most aircraft.


On the GSX Forum there is a "config" area with various setups for popular aircraft.  The software comes with a simple to use editor so you can always create your own config file if needed.


The GSX Menu in FS gives individual options for deboarding, catering, fuel, pushback etc...you can choose just those that you wish to use.


A demo of GSX is available which will work at selected airports for you to try.


Hope that helps.

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