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...becouse Marcus is in town! :good:

Just landed at Nice, and I need to say that approach was quite nice, I will fly there a lot I must say! :gtfl:


Was guided in by the fantastic default ATC, DutchBird 3356, turn right heading 165.

DutchBird 3356 turn right heading 195, Dutchbird 3356 turn left heading 135, Duthbird 3356 turn right heading 165, Dutchbird 3356 turn right heading 225, decend and maintain 7,800 report runway in sight.

and then I was told to change ATC at least 4 times from Milan Center to Nice approach or Nice approach to Milan Center. :faint:


Good place to live for an flight enthusiast!


Breathtaking approach to RW 22R.


A little low on final :blush:




Down and safe on the concrete. :clapping:


Used the hole runway to mess with my passengers :faint:


Some AirFrance and Virgin Blue I think it is?


Lufthansa and EasyJet, did you know that SAS have been brought by Lufthansa now?


Time for my "very happy passengers" :shok: to go to the toilet and thow up becouse of our great ATC :great:


Have a good day and week folks from all over the world, and thanks for looking :clapping:

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