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P3D V4.3 released

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for general education... (i just hope i'm not violating my NDA :unsure: )

every major developer is active in P3D beta testing,

you'd be kidding yourself thinking these are the old days!


it is extremely grueling beta testing builds sometime 2-3 times a week,

that's right every week since LM released 4.2 every day every dev been testing and sending feedback directly to the team,

their response is beyond impeccable as well as professional,


they do at the least weekly beta builds; if you don't test you're customers could suffer as a result; no one wants that! ;) 

every respectable developer out there takes the time to test and test again to assure the best outcome for their customers,

if an update is needed its likely waiting on the dev's site,


we been working our buts off for months now... :twocents:


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unless you really have no choice and have to do "upgrade"; i always prefer a full clean install!

i dont even bother with updating when the whole thing takes 10-15 min,

anything needing updating will still need it if you upgrade or run a full clean install,

with a clean install you're chances of carefree platform are much higher;

backup your cfg's ;even thought its not needed; your current will remain in place and in tact,

and go for a nice clean install,



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thanks for the advice Chris, sat at home waiting for a carpet fitter....Downloading 4.3 ready....I guess I now need to uninstall my addons then 4.2, could do with a few pointers though please.

ORBX - how do I uninstall reinstall that? I have loads....

Weather -  now may be a good time to buy REX Skyforce 3D, do you use that alone or are any of you using AS16 for weather injection?

once all uninstalled I would usually do a clean up of registry using Ccleaner, is this a recommended practice?


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Hi Wayne :)
you dont remove third party addons,

with the exception of maybe few native addons you can leave everything in place,

remove sim installation and reinstall it again; when your done your 3rd party should sill be in place unharmed,


orbx scenery will work just fine after you updated,

run ftx central when you're done; give it a sec it will rearrange everything back if needed,

if you run active sky they have a compatibility update for 4.3, other than that nothing major is pending atm,

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Ok thanks for that... I am doing a full clean installation.. Problem is I have installed all aircraft to default location and only A2A are in p3d add ons in documents folder.. For the new install should I direct them to the add on folders or just let them do their own thing? 

What about QW.. Flight 1..carenado and just flight?... 

Confused. Com on this... 

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the uninstall is not an arbitrary delete all files in P3D folders,

its a specific list of files; therefore third party files will remain in place,

your personal folders with your saved flights and data will remain in place,


your personal preference settings in sim will also remain as you user folder content doesn't get deleted,

your xml and cfg's there should all still be there and sim will be reading those to load again,

unless you physically remove delete these folders after you uninstall their content should all still be in place,

if you are still feel unease here are all locations you can make a copy of the existing folders with their content,

with the exclusion of shaders cache folder (third on the list)


PREPAR3D Data locations
%APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\
%ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files


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A few questions regarding V.3. Is it alright just to install the client version only. That's what I did with V.2 and haven't had any problems. I really haven't got the bandwidth to do a full install. If I do install version .3, will all my present aircraft and add-ons still be able to be used ? ( A2A C180, Majestic Dash 8-400, Milviz C310 and PMDG 737 NGX) AS 16 and Orbx .I have been away from the computer for the last month, so I have sort of lost touch with the in and outs of the upgrade.






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I did the same as Joe and the installation went just fine. You need to install the content if you want the new aircraft that are available as well as some other things.


I had only one issue and that was with TacPack. After the upgrade it wouldn't load. However this 'feature' is entirely down to TacPack as the software looks at the version of the FS installed.  if it doesn't match the version you have purchased TacPack for it errors on start.  I have emailed the support people about this and after a couple of weeks I have had no reply as yet. At some time in the future there will be a patch, upgrade or other fix for 4.3 but I don't know when it will come and if it will cost anything. It the last is true I will be ditching TacPack as their sales philosophy seem so make you pay again for any major upgrade in the FS. Lets hope it doesn't apply to minor increments. The VRS forum states:


Lockheed's P3D v4.3 update was just released at the end of June '18 and is NOT yet supported by the TacPack/Superbug. Please check back at the end of the first week of July '18. Any available updates will be posted in Announcements. Thanks for you patience!


That date has passed and there has been no update in the message let alone the software! In fact this post is the first post on their forum since September 2017.  I remain sceptical.

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