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data - airac question

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I have a sub with Navigraph but it does nothing to P3DV4 when there is an update, it does though update my addons....so am I correct in assuming that I don't need to renew the data thats in plan-g after an airac update? I only use plan-g for GA flights.....

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I think that's probably correct.  I don't think P3D or any of the sims are capable of being updated by AIRAC data.   I could be wrong - just an impression, really, but I THINK that's the case.  Waypoints and intersections, navaids, airways, approaches, etc. are buried in hundreds if not thousands of FS bgl files with a lot of other stuff (e.g. airports and scenery) and it would take a serious effort to build something that would sniff all that stuff out, update it and compile new bgl files.


What you say about Plan-G data import is correct.  If AIRAC doesn't affect the FS data, there's no reason to do the data import/update in Plan-G.



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