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2 new Box Haulers.

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My finances have improved somewhat, at the expense of my time. I had hoped to write a review for the new Carenado Shorts 360 but reality of my RL schedule nixed those plans...so I bought it. And while there I picked up a few other toys including Carenado's Cessna 207 Skywagon...not sure why i haven't added the later to my fleet yet, it is a great step up from the 206 in terms of pax and cargo capacity, and flies as easy as a C152.





Lovely interior as per Carenado standards.


And a hella busy cockpit, most of that is functional as well.


And it hauls lots, and hauls butt...a very profitable plane in Airhauler.





And then back to simpler systems...the 207 should have been in my fleets long ago. Bu Bye C206's, y'all are getting replaced. :)  This also comes with a Tundra Model, haven't taken it out for a dirt spin yet.


150kts, 6 pax, or 1500 lbs of cargo...another Very profitable Airhauler.





Thanks for looking.


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Nice picks Matt, the Shorts is a great hauler and popular from what if heard but it's not the coolest looking aircraft by far, LOL. It does have a fun looking cockpit with plenty of elbow room.  I like the Cessna, it's like a minivan to the C182's sport sedan look.:D Have fun and make lot's of money.:pilotic:

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And for something a bit different...been wanting a Cessna Jet for some time, and was able to slip it into the above Essential buys above...something for Swanky Pax hauling. Cessna C550 Citation II.

So far flies like a dream...and I was able to sight teach myself how to start it up on first try...nice....


Many working switches.



First take off, a bit of back trim added lofted it by itself gently airborne...sweet.



Doing Type Rating manuevers at 3300 feet...keeping speed down was interesting...very low power settings required.



VERY easy to slip into a stable approach...and greased the first/type rating landing. Woot!






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nice choices there Matt, the Shorts is a quirky looking plane but it kind of grows on you, not got it yet but being Carenado it is bound to look fine.....is the Citation Carenado to? looks a really good model...enjoy the new wings I am sure you have earnt them....

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