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Witch sim to buy

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Hi all 

I have decided to ditch fsx steam and start a fresh i would like your apinion on witch sim to get. The two i have thought about are x plane11 and prepard as i am upgrading my graphics card 1060 ti and the two update the sim and want a more updated sim.

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Witch licence should i get if i go for p3d as i would like to pay a monthly fee.i have looked on the website but only see 1 licence you can pay for monthly and that is $19.95 with that you get professional and professional pluse witch do you use 

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dev license continues you just reinstall when it goes to p3d5, however it is a monthly subscription but only a small one....if you went academic you would have to purchase when version 5 gets released....swings and roundabouts really.......

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